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Still Driving After How Many DUIs?

FIVE! Since May! Fortunately, California resident Tiffany Anne Adamo did not kill anyone, though her most recent DUI resulted in a 7-year-old kid getting pinned against his mom’s car. Why has it taken so long to pull Adamo’s license? Because she was driving while drugged, not drunk, prosecutors said the blood work had to be processed. But since May? That’s insane, especially since in prior arrests police determined she had taken Soma, Vicodin, hydrocodone and marijuana! And they couldn’t speed up the bloodwork? Please. Finally, Ms. Adamo’s license has been yanked. She pleaded not guilty to one felony count and four misdemeanors of driving under the influence of drugs. Her bail was jacked up to (cue Dr. Evil) one milllllion dollars. For more on Ms. Adamo, click here.

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