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Burglar Foiled By Calling For A Cab?


18-year-old burglar Jake Ormerod could have called any cab company. But he didn’t … As luck would have it [bad luck, that is], the burglary victim was a cab driver. And one of things Mr. Ormerod stole from his house was a cell phone – the very phone he used to call the cab company. You’ve probably figured out that the cab company he called was the victim’s! Doh! As reported by The Sun:

Don [Smith, age], 53 – whose home was raided by Ormerod – said: “He must be the unluckiest burglar in the world. He could have chosen any cab firm to ring, but he called mine.

“If that wasn’t bad enough, he happened to get the one controller on duty who would recognise my mobile number immediately.”

Mr. Ormerod pleaded guilty. Here’s the source.

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