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You Burgled That Club?

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If you decide to burgle, there are so many options. In deciding where to steal from, wouldn’t you consider retribution from the owner if you are caught, either in the act, or after the fact? Of course you would … unless you are these guys. As reported by the Belleville News-Democrat (Illinois):

Cody L. Procasky, 19 of Fayetteville, and Chase A. Ripley 17, of Freeburg, were each charged with one Class 2 felony count of burglary. Each had their bail set at $30,000.

You know the burglars. So who did they burgle?

According to the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department, the teens broke into the [Okaw North Hunting Club near Mascoutah] Dec. 15 and took a large amount of alcohol personal items from inside the club in the 10000 block of Buddy Funk Lane.

A hunting club! You know, a club whose members, at least based on the name, probably all have guns!

Members of the club spotted a suspicious vehicle at the site and called the sheriff’s department. That allowed the crime to quickly be solved, St. Clair County Sheriff Rick Watson said.

They’re lucky they only got arrested. Here’s the source.

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