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Can’t A Guy Just Do His Laundry Without Being Arrested?


So what’s the problem with a guy washing his pants at a laundromat? Um, he apparently didn’t have any other pants to wear … and was walking around bottomless. Per the Naples Daily News:

Arresting Deputy Jeffrey S. Magner reported making contact with [Mr. James T.] Lowe while he sat against the window of the laundromat at 6000 Radio Road, and states he was wearing a jean jacket around his waist, but no pants. However, the report notes, “it was not completely covering his genitalia. At this time, there were several adults and small children walking around the plaza and in and out of the coin-operated laundry.”

Exposed genitalia? Dude must have been high. Actually …

The report further states that Lowe appeared impaired, and had a plastic mug with a “Bud Light” logo on the ground next to him, filled with a partially-consumed substance that smelled like alcohol. While taking him into custody, the report states, deputies also found a baggie of white pills on Lowe, but were unable to identify them through poison control.

The charges?

… indecent exposure in public, trespassing, having an open container of alcohol in a public area and resisting an officer without violence.

Here’s the source, including a photo of Mr. Lowe.

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