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Just when you thought you’d heard it all – an illegal songbird fighting operation! As reported by Fox61 in Connecticut:

Multiple state law enforcement agencies busted up a bird fighting ring in the town of Shelton Sunday morning. However the birds involved are known more for their voice than violence.

Police confiscated nearly 150 songbirds- canaries and saffron finches- from a home at 176 Ripton Road. Police say the birds were being prepared to fight. The raid was led by Shelton Police with help from the Department of Agriculture and officers from Bridgeport, Ansonia, Fairfield, and State Police departments.

“They have a cage in the middle that’s set up like a ring, where the two will go into one cage and fight.” said Shelton Police Sergeant Robert Kozlowsky. “It’s looking like animal cruelty and illegal gambling. They [officers] have found a large amount of currency also at this scene.”

Animal control officers were seen carrying cages upon cages filled with birds from the residence. According to a relative, the homeowner claimed to be collecting the birds to breed and sell. Neighbors who witnessed the raid were surprised at both the multi-agency response and the unorthodox nature of the bird fighting.

“Am I being punk’d?” asked neighbor John Coniglio, referring to a television show famous for playing pranks on celebrities. “I mean, this is crazy. I’ve never heard of a canary ring. I can’t picture little canaries with razor blades taped to their feet or anything.”

The raid christened 19 jailbirds along with $8,000 cash.

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Custodian Stephen L. Thompson must really dislike a certain Clark County court reporter. We know this because he urinated on her chair. How do we know this? Per the courier-journal.com:

A probable-cause affidavit filed in Clark Superior Court said an employee with the county circuit court discovered a “wet substance” on her chair upon arriving at work July 15.

Okay, so how do they know it was Mr. Thompson?

Following that, a hidden surveillance camera was installed.

Doh! Mr. Thompson was then caught on tape.

Thompson was arrested when he arrived for work and later posted bail, according to Jeremy Mull, Clark County’s chief deputy prosecutor.

The charges?

…attempted battery by body waste

What, you’ve never heard of attempted battery by body waste? Here’s the source.

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judge%20leave%20out%20of%20courtroom%20gavel%20funny.gif I kid you not. As reported in The Kansas City Star:

[Fulton Superior Court Judge Marvin] Arrington asked all white people to leave before he lowered the boom on the defendants, telling them that bad behavior in poor black neighborhoods drags down black advancement.

Why did the judge ask all the white folks to leave?

I wanted to have a fireside chat. And my grandmother said years ago that if you’re going to fuss at black people, you don’t need to do it in front of white people.


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Let’s say you have a resale store, and you want some “new” merchandise at a good price. What to do? Steal it! That’s what Celia Arocho of Berwyn, Illinois has been charged with, per The Chicago Tribune.

Arocho, 52, stands charged with several crimes following her arrest last Saturday in Riverside. Police pulled over the vehicle she was driving because it matched the description of a green SUV which had earlier struck a parked car. Weitzel said they found open containers of alcohol inside the SUV and arrested Arocho on drunken driving charges.


Then officers found two chairs and a plant in her vehicle. They later searched her business, at 7022 16th St., and her Cicero home and found numerous stolen items that she intended to resell at the store, which has been open about two months, Weitzel said.

“She didn’t break into homes,” said Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel. The accusation is that “she just took items off porches and from yards and offered them for resale at her business.”

Talk about low overhead.

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Not you, knucklehead. You can pick up your beer and keep drinking, unless you’re in Malaysia. Such was the case for 32-year-old part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, a mother of two who was busted for throwing a beer down at a night club, and sentenced to six strokes of the cane (and fined). And she’s not appealing. Per the New Straits Times:

… Pahang Syariah chief prosecutor Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said the caning would not cause physical injury as it was merely to make the offender feel repentant.

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The good news: Ontario resident Barry Shell won the lottery, hauling in $4,377,298. The bad news? Per The Toronto Star:

… after a smiling Shell, 45, had posed for an OLG [Ontario Lottery and Gaming] photo holding his cheque for $4,377,298, he was arrested outside the building on outstanding criminal charges and taken into police custody.

The charges?

… failing to appear, theft under $5,000 and possession of property obtained by crime.

Seems the OLG conducts a “rigorous investigation” of anyone who claims a prize. Here’s the full story.

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Okay, so that’s a slight exaggeration, since the sound barrier on land is about 761 mph (it varies with the atmospheric conditions). But perhaps I am in a state of shock after reading that a nun in Italy was busted for going 110 mph! Really, and with 2 other nuns in the car. Why? Well, as reported at news.com.au, they were …

… on their way to visit the Pope after a bathroom fall.

Demon driver Sister Tavoletta, 56, was at the wheel of the Ford Fiesta, while two other nuns aged 65 and 78, who have not been named, were with her when shocked police pulled them over.

When stunned officers asked them why they were speeding, Sister Tavoletta said: “We had heard how the Pope had fallen over and we were on our way to make sure he was OK.”

The nuns were stopped on a dual carriageway at Quincinetto, near Turin – just an hour’s drive from Pope Benedict XVI’s summer holiday chalet at Les Combes.

They had heard that Pope Benedict XVI had slipped and fractured his wrist at the Salesian convent where they live and immediately got into a car to try to visit him.

A Turin police spokesman said: “The officers involved were amazed to see three nuns in the Ford Fiesta when it stopped – it had been clocked at 110 mph.

“Hopefully, Sister Tavoletta will be making sure she confesses her bad driving the next she goes to confession but in the meantime she will have to pay the 375 Euro (A$659) fine she was given.”

Unlikely, since she is fighting the fine (and the one-month suspension she received), having retained “Italy’s best known lawyer in driving cases, Anna Orecchioni.”

She said: “I will be taking this matter before a judge to get the penalty removed and the nun’s licence reinstated.”

Here’s the source.

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Before the potheads among you get too excited, or the wingnuts blow a gasket, this new iPhone application won’t direct you to your neighborhood dealer. Here’s what it will do, as reported by The Sun:

Simply named Cannabis, the £1.79 [$2.99 US] app lets users search by city for their nearest medical cannabis suppliers, doctors, clinics, lawyers and other relevant organisations.

It currently covers 13 US states which have passed laws allowing medical cannabis use, legal cannabis “coffee shops” across Europe and uses Google Maps for directions.

Makers [sic] the campaign group Ajnag.com hope to add cannabis related news, menus, reviews and videos soon.

It is available from the Apple iTunes App Store now, and requires the iPhone 3.0 Software Update.

Having just checked the App Store, the Juice can confirm that Cannabis is indeed available, though the initial reviews are not exactly glowing. …

Worthless in the state of Colorado …

Want my money back …

(The average rating is 2.5/5.) Here’s the source.

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With a saw. Really. And then he offered her $5 not to call the police! As reported by The Treasure Coast Palm:

The altercation happened Wednesday morning in the 1700 block of Wyoming Avenue after James Patrick Fitzgerald and his 41-year-old mother argued as she tried to get him to take his medication. Following the argument, the boy bicycled to the Wyoming Avenue address, where he apparently started hitting a tree with a saw.

The mother followed him but he still wouldn’t take the medicine. Fitzgerald raised the saw and hit his mother, who had a minor laceration, on top of her head.

“When he saw the blood coming from her head he threw down the saw and started to plead with the victim to not call the police,” the [police] report states.

He reportedly offered a $5 bill to his mother if she didn’t notify authorities.

The charge? Aggrevated battery. Does this kid have any history? Funny you should ask …

The victim’s pregnant 19-year-old daughter said Fitzgerald has tried to cut her stomach with a fork, claiming he was going to give her a “C-section.”

Wow. That’s more disturbing than the saw incident. But there’s more …

She also said he tried to use hairspray and a cigarette lighter as a torch to set the family cat ablaze.

Yikes! And …

The 19-year-old daughter’s husband said he found Fitzgerald looking up bomb-making instructions on the Internet.


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kauai%20legal%20juice%20birds%20of%20paradise.jpg Kauai has got to be one of the coolest places on earth (especially the north shore). It’s definitely the coolest place I’ve ever visited. But even this totally chill tropical paradise has a few rules. For example, when you visit somebody in the hospital, you can’t bring the patient’s horse (in the elevator!) to cheer him up. Now it is Kauai, so the hospital does allow pets, like cats and dogs. And they are almost apologetic about this limitation.

“On Kauai, we have a very warm inviting atmosphere at Wilcox [Memorial Hospital],” [hospital spokeswoman] Yukimura said. “We just hope people understand this is not a place for a horse.”

legal%20juice%20coral.jpg Ma’am, I want to live on your island! Yes, we understand. Oh – one more thing about the horse. After all the man went through to cheer up his ailing relative – he brought the wrong horse!

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