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You Outlawed Dancing?

no%20dancing%20dance%20ban%20sign%20allowed.gifClearly they have not seen “Footloose,” one of the best Kevin Bacon movies of all time. People, people, people. You can’t stop dancing, as Kevin Bacon proved beyond any reasonable doubt. So who dares to question the lessons of “Footloose?” Well sir, the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh, that’s who. Why? To stop obscene dancing. This is sounding very familiar… Just swap out preacher John Lithgow for Home Minister K. Jana Reddy.

What does the new law do? It bans “dancing in clubs, bars and pubs.” Not to worry though. Per Mr. Reddy, “orchestra and singing accompanied by eating and drinking, however, [is] permitted at these places if the managements obtained amusement licences.”

Look, I’ve seen “Footloose” several times (please, please, don’t tell anyone), so let me tell you how this is going to end. The leaders will realize that dancing is not really a problem, and Kevin Bacon will dance off into the Andhra Pradesh sunset. (You can read a little more here.)

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