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You Know That Old Saying About Going To The Well Once Too Often?


When you’re a burglar, going to the same well twice is going once too often.

A Madrid man faces multiple felony charges after he allegedly stole coins and cash during two separate home invasions, St. Lawrence County sheriff’s deputies said.

Yeah, they were separate home invasions, but invasions of the same home!

Jeffrey R. Lavare, 29, of 401 Haig Road, was charged with two counts of second-degree burglary, fourth-degree grand larceny and petit larceny.

Deputies said Lavare entered a residence located on the Elliot Road and stole coins value at more than $1,000. Deputies said he returned to the residence at a later date and stole coins and cash valued at about $350.

You’ll find the source here, at North Country Now (Potsdam, New York).

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