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YOU Fake Cancer, And Your Harassing HER?


To say that this Pennsylvania woman showed no remorse after faking cancer to make a buck would be an understatement. She’s actually irate with one of the people she conned! As reported by The Delaware County Daily Times:

A former Pottstown woman who served jail time for lying about having breast and ovarian cancer and duping friends into organizing a fundraiser for her is in trouble again, this time for allegedly harassing one of those friends.

Alicia E. Tolton, 27, formerly of Pottstown and most recently of the 100 block of Allison Road in Upper Moreland, faces an Oct. 5 arraignment in Montgomery County Court on a new charge of harassment in connection with a July 30 incident during which she allegedly left an obscenity-laced voice mail message on the phone of a woman who testified against Tolton in the fake cancer scheme.

“Hey (the victim), it’s Alicia. And, uh, I just wanted to let you know that I got out of jail on Tuesday. Go (expletive) yourself…” Tolton allegedly uttered in her July 30 phone message to an Upper Moreland woman, according to a criminal complaint.

Tolton placed the call just days after being paroled from jail and placed on probation in connection with the fake cancer scheme, according to court papers filed in county court.

Hmm. Sounds like a probation violation too. You can read a lot more here.