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Woman Not Cool With Cold Fries

Fries definitely taste better when they are hot, and go downhill fast. But it appears that if indeed this woman did get cold fries, she grossly overreacted. Per The Highline Times (Washington State):

The manager of a fast food restaurant located in the 15800 block of 1st Ave. S. called to report and incident with a customer. A female customer returned to the drive-through window after receiving her purchase. The customer felt her fries were too cold. She began yelling profanities and flipping off the manager.

After trying to diffuse the situation, the manager told her to leave or she would report it to the police. The woman did leave. The next customer to come to the drive-through stopped half way through. They noticed a handful of nails in the lane. The manager was able to clean up the nails before any damage was done to a vehicle. No one was able to identify the customer or prove that she was the one that dumped the nails.

Really, cold fries lady? You try to take it out on an innocent customer? Not cool.

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