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What’s Up, Doc?

doctor%20bad%20operating%20suspended.gif Maybe I’ve seen too many “Nip/Tuck” commercials recently, but wouldn’t you think that the plastic surgeon who specialized in breast enhancement would be the one who left his spouse and was asking for a divorce? Such was not the case with former New Hampshire doctor James Kartell. As reported by The Eagle-Tribune:

Vajda, a North Andover resident, was dating Kartell’s estranged wife, Dr. Susan Kamm. She had moved in with Vajda and asked Kartell for a divorce.

Kartell had walked into Holy Family Hospital in Methuen on Feb. 23, 1999, with a loaded .38-caliber revolver and extra ammunition. Vajda was visiting Kamm, who was hospitalized with pneumonia.

The two men fought over who should leave, during which time Kartell shot Vajda in the stomach and then execution style in the head.

Kartell was convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to 8 years in prison. He’s out now and …

He wants his license back! Really. He says he’s innocent, claiming he acted in self-defense. But …

… witnesses testified that the Andover doctor said, “Now, I’m going to get you” and shot Vajda close range.

Perhaps that’s why his request to get his medical license back was rejected (he’s appealing it). He’s also still fighting his criminal conviction, after recently losing his third appeal. Time to find a new job, ya think?