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What Happens If You Skip Class At Arson University

pants%20on%20fire.jpgKansan Austin Jones found out when he and some friends tried to set an SUV ablaze. He set his own pants on fire! So he took off his pants and boxers, and took off. How do we know this is the way it went down? The incident was recorded by a neighbor’s security camera. Why Austin, why? As reported by the UPI:

Police allege the teenagers torched the Chevy Tahoe in the early hours Sunday as an act of revenge after a fight.

Gary Darpel, a neighbor of the torched car’s teenage owner, said the victim explained to him why he was targeted.

“They got into this fight. He broke it up, but they thought he was instigating it, so they came for retribution,” Darpel said.

Jones was arrested after seeking treatment at a local hospital.

Not a good night for young Mr. Jones.

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