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What Happened To Personal Responsibility?


Darren Mirren, age 16, had an interview scheduled with a commercial cleaning company. He didn’t show. When they called him, he said he didn’t know how to find the office. So they rescheduled the interview. Again he didn’t show. Prepare yourself for this: He didn’t get the job! OMG. Can you believe it? So, naturally, Darren … sued! He filed an age discrimination claim with the Employment Tribunal in Glasgow, Scotland. And he … lost. How is Darren taking it? As reported by The Scotsman:

Last night the teenager, who is still unemployed, was adamant he was in the right. “It wasn’t my fault. I was unable to get there because they didn’t give me any directions.

” “I felt it was discrimination because of my age.”

First, UFB. And second, I am just shocked that he hasn’t yet found a job. Here’s the source.

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