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Watch Out For This Eighth-Grader!


So Matt McChesney, a School Resource officer at a middle school in Mesa County Colorado, is just strolling the hall in his body armor. His WHAT? The school resource officer needs body armor? This is my first question at back-to-school night.

Anyway, at least one eighth-grade boy knows where the body armor stops, and the body begins. We know this because the kid stopped in front of McChesney, and drilled him – real hard – right below the armor-line. Said Mr. McChesney in his report:

This was not an accidental bump in the hallway. This deliberate punch was delivered with considerable force which knocked the breath out of my lungs.

Shazam! What happened to the little miscreant? He was arrested, and sent home with mommy. He will likely be charged with second-degree assault on a peace officer.
(McChesney has since upgraded his body armor from the suit pictured above [Type II], to the suit pictured below. It’s go time, punk.)


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