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Naked Tickling Burglar Milk Container Urinator?

tickle.jpg This Thomas Blacine is one weird dude. (Though that is apparently urine in the photo below, it’s not Mr. Blacine.) He has been breaking into women’s homes, naked, and tickling them while they sleep. And videotaping them while they sleep. And peeing in at least one woman’s milk container!

Now he obviosly likes the way Linda Combs looks while she’s sleeping – because he’s hit her house twice! “I felt something on my leg and thought it was my cat and I look up and it was this naked guy, and he ran again,” said Ms. Combs. Surely she must be able to describe him?

“Well, not really. I would recognize him more if there was a shot of his skinny, white butt. The second time he was naked as could be.”

urine%20bottle.bmp I doubt a butt line-up would withstand judicial scrutiny. What was Mr. Blacine charged with? Tampering with a consumer product (yummy) and burglary.