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Tranny Sued For Election Fraud

guy_making_loser_sign_md_clr.gif You live in Georgia, and you Lose a City Council election (the right to be in the run-off, actually) to a transgender candidate. Naturally (if you’re Georgia Fuller, anyway), you sue for fraud. One small problem, Loser lady, City Coucil Member Michelle Bruce IS AN INCUMBENT. Doh! This doesn’t stop Fuller from arguing that, as she calls him, “Michael Bruce,” has an unfair advantage running as a woman! We’re talking about a town of 12,000 people, which Michelle has been serving for 4 years! Said Michelle:

I’m Michelle. I’m the same Michelle they elected four years ago. They’re just distracting the voters from the issues. Everybody in my district knows me, everyone in Riverdale knows me. I’ve done a real good job representing the people. I am for the people.

Because I think Fuller’s lawsuit is one of the most idiotic I’ve ever seen (considering how many cases I review daily for this blog, that’s saying something), Bruce get’s the last word: “People want a candidate that will listen to them, protect them, save them money and be there for them. And I always will be.” Move on, Ms. Fuller. Move on. Here’s the story from PrideSource.

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