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Tort Reform For Everyone But Judge Bork, Who Filed A $1,000,000+ Tort Suit!

Bork.gifWell, well, well. It’s SOOOO easy to be for “tort reform” – until you become a victim! Such is the case with former Judge Robert Bork, a vocal “tort reform” proponent. He filed suit against The Yale Club of New York City for “damages … in excess of $1,000,000” PLUS “Punitive damages …” So what happened? Bork was giving a speech at the club. Per the complaint (click here to view it), as he approached the dais, there were no stairs (as there normally are). As Bork “attempted to mount the dais” (nice choice of words, there), he fell and was injured.slip_fall_graphic.jpg

Now I’ll tell you exactly what Bork would say if this happened to someone else: What the hell was the guy thinking, trying to climb the dais without the stairs, the moron? It’s his fault for being so stupid. He couldn’t have asked for some stairs? People need to accept responsibility for their actions, instead of blaming others! Welcome, Judge Bork, to the ranks of victims of the negligence of others. Perhaps you’ll revisit your “tort reform” position?