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This Principal Has Gone Too Far!

yellow.jpg It’s obvious that some people, like Principal Ethna Haines, get carried away with their power. Fortunately, the legislative branch is there to keep them in check. The Havant Borough Council has totally BUSTED this crazed megalomaniac – for painting her school to yellow! Before taking this bold stance against colorfulness, people used to ask of the Council, “Haven’t they got anything better to do?” Now we know that they do. This!

Of her outrageous decision to paint a school for 2-9 year-olds yellow, Ms. Haines said: “Other parts of our building are already painted yellow and we use the colour to make the school a bright, positive experience for small children.” Said the contractor who defiled the school: “I think the colour really brightens the whole place up and the children love it.”

Thank goodness for the voice of reason, the Council. Per Council officer Sarah Hain: “The bright yellow colour for the walls seriously detracts from the character and appearance of the conservation area and adversely affects the outlook of neighbouring occupiers.” Mercy! By a vote of 7-5, the Council agreed. Ms. Haines has 4 months to change the color to a dark-stained timber. “Pish,” she said. [not really, but she should have.] She did say that she’s going to appeal the decision, and has no plans to paint the school a darker color. Here’s hoping she wins. To see the school, click here.

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