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This Gent Really Dislikes His Neighbor. Just Ask His Face.


Unless you’re the most anal person on earth, you don’t pick your neighbors. You pick the house and the location. Well this gent clearly was not happy with the neighbor he drew, and he picked a strange way to express his displeasure. As reported by The Anchorage Daily News:

A Fairbanks man was arrested for making a false report to police after he punched himself in the face in an attempt to get his neighbor arrested for assault, the Alaska State Troopers said in an online dispatch Monday.


Tony Gesin, 50, called 911 and reported being assaulted by a neighbor at around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday night, troopers said.

When troopers showed up to interview him he allegedly blamed the injuries on his neighbor but ultimately admitted to punching himself because he wanted his neighbor to be arrested.

Excellent plan. Well-executed too. Here’s the source.