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Man With Interesting “Career” Choice Adds To His Legacy


So if the guy has 43 shoplifting CONVICTIONS, how many times do you think he actually shoplifted? As reported by The Toronto Sun:

Anthony Bennett looked back at a bank of reporters and observers at his court appearance Tuesday and mouthed a silent obscenity at them.

The career shoplifter, with 43 previous convictions, faces another five counts of theft laid in October. His case was put over once again and he will now appear Thursday.

But he’s most famous for being chased down and tied up by Lucky Moose grocery owner David Chen.

Chen was charged with assault and forcible confinement but later acquitted at a celebrated trial where Bennett testified for the prosecution.

No doubt that helped the prosecution’s case … But back to the present …

Bennett, 52, mouthed “f— you” at the group seated behind him, which included journalists and Chi-Kun Shi, a lawyer who has been helping the alleged victim in the case, grocer Jeff Ng.

Perhaps Mr. Bennett is angry because …

Shi said she has been trying to convince Crown prosecutors to consider banning Bennett from Kensington Market and Chinatown as a condition of any bail he may get in the case,

43 times! Here’s the source.