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Talk About The Long Con

While reviewing some doctor disciplinary cases, I came across this incredible story. In 1976, Illinois pharmacist Gerald Barnbaum had his license revoked for Medicaid fraud. He moved to California, and legally changed his name to Gerald Barnes, a prominent doctor whose name he found in a medical directory. Then he wrote the California Medical Board and got a copy of the real Dr. Barnes’ medical license, and wrote his medical school and got a copy of his medical school diploma.

doctorspretend.jpg For the next 20 years, he was Dr. Gerald Barnes, despite getting caught many times. (Per the San Francisco Chronicle, “he was sent to prison five times, convicted of illegally practicing medicine, mail fraud, grand theft, even involuntary manslaughter, but each time after being paroled, he resumed his sham.”)

So where is Dr. Barnes now? He’s in prison in Illinois, where he’ll probably remain for the rest of his life. To read more about this incredible con, click here.