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Strip Search?

big_fish.jpg If you missed it, check out yesterday’s entry regarding some strange “justice” in Eutawville, South Carolina. Here’s some more of that there strange justice. This is the side of the story of three fellas who were pulled over by the Eutawville police:

They had finished a day of fishing, and were driving through Eutawville, with a boat in tow. Big mistake – driving through Eutawville, that is.

The Eutawville police pulled them over, they were told, because of a broken taillight on the boat.

The officer said he smelled marijuana. (Good one!) The driver said “I don’t smoke marijuana.” Said the officer, “You’re lying.”

The police then searched the car for almost 2 hours, and told them they found a marijuana stem in the truck. (A twig?)

All three men were strip-searched.

Strip-searched? What about the cavity search? Wonder what they do to real alleged criminals? The driver got a ticket for the broken taillight, and one of the passengers got a ticket for marijuana possession (the police said they found a marijuana (sunflower?) seed in his pocket). What happened to the stem? Said Police Chief Russell Parker: “We don’t strip-search people, ma’am.”

I guess we’ll find out, because these three fellas are filing a civil suit.

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