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Sometimes Packing Your Suitcase Can Be Challenging. This Was Probably One Of Those Times


You won’t believe what this guy had in his luggage. As reported by The Arab Times:

The customs officers at Cairo International Airport hampered the attempt of an Egyptian passenger to smuggle three foxes, three snakes, 100 one-month old crocodiles and 1,000 frozen white rats to Kuwait, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Based on information published by the new agencies in Cairo, the suspect was attempting to smuggle the animals through the ‘Egyptian Air’ flight to Kuwait.

Whoa! Must have been a rather large suitcase. So then what?

When the customs officers at the Baggage Check area were checking the luggage of the passengers, they suspected the contents of the Egyptian’s luggage and opened it to find the animals. However, the suspect managed to travel by the same flight after he signed an acknowledgment of his smuggle attempt and decided to relinquish the animals.

Talk about luck. It’s unlikely the Kuwaiti authorities would have been so lenient.

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