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Seriously – A Lawsuit Involving A Dog Named Shithead

shithead.jpg I could not make this shit up! [Sorry.] A priest in Morganfield, Kentucky is suing Shithead’s owner and the city for allowing the dog to be buried near a veteran’s memorial. It’s not the name that upsets Father Gerald Baker: “What are we saluting? A flagpole with a monument to the dog? It’s offensive. Any Christian, any American should understand why this is offensive.”

Shithead’s owner, Judy Hagan, (an American, and maybe a Christian too!) feels otherwise: “What right does he have to come to this town and put somebody else down for something they have done that he knows nothing about. It’s not a disgrace. I didn’t do it for a disgrace. If that’s the way people wanna take it, then that’s their problem.”

Said Father Baker: “This woman in her arrogance and her ignorance, demanding she has the right do this? Well we’ll just see.” Yes, we will. You’d think this just happened, right? Nope. Shithead was laid to rest, with the city’s permission, in 1999. You can read more in a FirstCoastNews.com article here.

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