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Probably Shouldn’t Have Friended Him?


If you have a lot of Facebook “friends”, things like this can happen real easily – especially if you’re the type to constantly update your whereabouts. It’s unlikely this Pennsylvania woman will be quite so forthcoming in the future. As reported by phillyBurbs.com:

A New Jersey man is facing trial in Doylestown for allegedly burglarizing an acquaintance’s Wrightstown home after learning that she was on vacation via her Facebook posts.

Newtown district Judge Donald Nasshorn sent the case against Steve Pieczynski, 36, of Lambertville, to Bucks County Court following a preliminary hearing to review the case Monday. 

How’d they catch the “friend”?

Newtown Township police tracked Pieczynski down using a license plate number that suspicious neighbors had taken down, court records show. 

Good things those neighbors weren’t busy updating their Facebook pages.

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