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Did It With His Hands Behind His Back


No, this gent didn’t perform this feat with his hands tied behind his back. They were cuffed! As reported by The Highline Times:

King County [Washington] Sheriff’s deputies were called to help Burien officers in a search for a handcuffed man who escaped custody at the Burien courthouse.

Hell, his hands were cuffed behind his back. How far could he get?

He was believed to be driving a white Oldsmobile Alero with a license plate registered to a home in Renton.


Deputies went to the address and found the man wasn’t there.

A deputy parked around the corner from the home to watch for the Alero. When the deputy saw the Alero pull into the driveway of the home he activated his emergency lights.

The driver did not comply with the deputies’ order to exit the vehicle but confirmed he was still handcuffed. Deputies said the man had driven about 12 miles between the courthouse and the Renton house without use of his hands in front of him.

Shazam! 12 miles of driving like that? Shazam! Here’s the source.