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Yeah, Bragging About The Success Of Your Illegal Activities On YouTube Is Brilliant


The first rule of criminal activity could easily be: Don’t talk about the criminal activity. It should go without saying that you don’t want to post MORE THAN 36 YOUTUBE VIDEOS about your criminal activity! Now you know … but it’s too late for this guy. As reported by The New Hampshire Union Leader:

A former Auburn man who showed off the progress of his marijuana growing operation on YouTube with more three dozen videos before he was arrested by deputy sheriffs has agreed to plead guilty instead of going on trial.

Kyle Berry, 41, filed a notice to plead guilty to drug charges stemming from his arrest in November for allegedly growing $16,000 worth of marijuana in his home.

Guess how they caught him. Wrong! Here’s how:

He first got the attention of the Rockingham Sheriffs Drug Task Force late last year after posting a series of videos about his indoor marijuana growing operation. One video captured the reflection of Berry’s face on a foil covered wall.

Investigators matched that image with a prior booking photo, used it as evidence to obtain arrest and search warrants.

Boom! Is it just The Juice, or does this seem like something you would see on TV? You can read more about Mr. Berry’s troubles here.