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Bungled Burglary


If you’re going to burgle a joint, wouldn’t you want to make sure nobody is home? As reported by wptv.com:

Juneem Barnes was taking a nap Thursday morning, when loud noises woke him up in his Port St. Lucie home. Police said those sounds were from would-be burglars.

“They were just making a lot of noise, and I was half-asleep,” Barnes recalled. “Then they came in my room.”

Now it’s on.

Port St. Lucie police say two teenagers had broken in and started packing up items to steal. At first, Barnes thought the alleged thieves were friends of his roommate, Devon Garcia.

“I thought it was him and his friends, just chilling,” said Barnes. “But when they came in my room, they started running, and I’m like, why are they running? So I got up, and obviously they were trying to steal stuff out the house.”

Police said the teens did run, but not before leaving behind a cell phone in Garcia’s room.


“I found their cell phone, and it wasn’t locked,” said Garcia. “So I started going through it to see the calls, and stuff like that.”

When Garcia saw a phone number titled ‘MOM,’ he called the number. Port St. Lucie police spoke with one of the teen’s mother, who helped lead them to make the arrests.

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