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Think This Kid Is Too Young To Be “Driving” On A Real Road?


How young? Single digits young. While it wasn’t a real car, the road was real enough. Per khou.com:

A Houston father has been charged with endangering a child after he let his 3-year-old son drive a toy car on a busy road.


Officials said on March 8, Jeremy Scott, 23, let his son drive a toy car on a road in the Northshore area as he drove alongside in his own vehicle.

Not to worry, though …

Police said Scott was controlling the toy car with a remote control.

Remote control? Whew.

Scott is charged with endangering a child. He pleaded no contest to get deferred adjudication.

Clearly Mr. Scott is now making better decisions. That’s not the kind of case you want to bring to trial. Here’s the source, including a mug shot.

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