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A Possible DUI?


In this case, The Juice is willing to mete out some instant justice. Guilty!

Brought to you by the Colorado Springs Police Department Police Blotter:

CSPD received a report of a small SUV driving West in the 1700 Block of Woodman Rd that was weaving all over the roadway. The SUV crossed the median striking a Stop Sign and side swiping four other vehicles. The SUV turned South on Academy Blvd in the North bound lanes, continuing South to Dublin Blvd, where it turned West in the East bound lanes striking yet another vehicle. The vehicle continued traveling, pulling into the Sunflower Market at 1700 Dublin Blvd. Arriving Officers located and contacted the occupant, a 30 year old female, and began assessing her as a possible DUI driver.

With all that havoc, and the fact that she could have killed some folks, some time in the pokey is in order.

(The Juice is a personal injury lawyer practicing in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.)

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