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So, You’re Saying I Shouldn’t Let My 2-Year-Old Sit In My Lap And Drive?


Cars are not toys. Facebook is not a toy. These parents, hopefully, have learned these lessons. As reported by khou.com:

The parents allowed their two-year-old boy to steer their moving car while sitting in his dad’s lap. They posted the video on Facebook, which caused someone to turn them in.

No legal action was taken, but experts say the parents violated child restraint laws and other traffic laws.

The video showed the boy with both his hands on the wheel. His dad’s left hand was also on the wheel, helping to guide the car.

The boy’s father, who is in the army, fears he could get kicked out of the military because of his actions. Both parents said they were sorry for what they otherwise thought would just be a cute idea.

Kicked out of the army? The Juice hopes not. A parenting class, though, is definitely in order.