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Toilet Tissue Tax Tiff

shopping_girl.gif Oh no you didn’t K-Mart. You didn’t just charge Mary Bach tax on that toilet paper. Everybody knows that, unlike other paper goods, toilet paper is not taxed in Pennsylvania. No, Ms. Bach is not making a federal case out it – just a teeny, tiny $100 state court case. Now maybe you think a lawsuit over 14 cents is trivial. Perhaps you didn’t know that Ms. Bach went back to the store just to see if they corrected the problem. They didn’t. So she’s owed 28 cents.

Why sue for $100? Because that’s the amount allowed under Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law. And if you think I’m ridiculing Ms. Bach, you’re wrong. I salute her. If nobody watches these little things, companies will get away with them. And if you multiply the little things by the number of purchases, they’re not little things any more. To read about this and other dragons Ms. Bach has slayed in the past (and there have been a few) click here.

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