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Drunk Driver Makes History, And Lives To Tell


There are some records you just don’t want to set. It looks like this Iowan may hold this record for a while. As reported by the Iowa City, Iowa Patch:

Justin A. Clark, 24, of North Liberty, was arrested July 29 after North Liberty police received reports of a driver colliding with curbs and attempting to rev up his engine.

Clark was sitting in the driver’s seat and was unable to answer any of the officer’s questions, police said. He also was unable to get out of the vehicle, walk or perform field sobriety tests, police said.

Police said when they asked Clark where he thought he was, he said he was at home, and when they asked him what day it was, he replied, “Three, but now it is four.”

See where this is headed?

Initially, tests showed his blood alcohol level at .486. When tested at the hospital later, Clark’s alcohol content level in his blood was rated at twice the lethal amount of .3, and almost eight times the legal drinking and driving limit. At that time it was .627.


Michael Takacs, clinical assistant professor of emergency medicine and an emergency room doctor at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, said 0.627 percent is higher than any level he’s seen during his eight years in the field.

“That’s astronomically high, and the highest I’ve ever heard of,” Takacs said. “For even the most seasoned alcoholic, 0.627 would be a lethal dose possibly.”

Officials in several branches of law enforcement, health care and the county prosecutor are among those who say it is the highest blood alcohol level they’ve ever seen.

Like The Juice said, it’s not a record you want to set.