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So You Think The Pizza Delivery Guy Will Be Easy Pickings?


One would think, as these two men did, that robbing a pizza delivery guy, while not that lucrative, would be a low-risk crime – even more so if the would-be robbers had shotguns. One would be wrong, at least in this case from Columbus, Ohio. Per 10tv.com:

According to police, the Padova’s Pizza delivery driver was delivering a pizza when two men armed with shotguns approached him, in the 5000 block of Hatfield Dr., at about 11:45 p.m. Monday.

The driver, who was licensed to carry a gun, told the men to stay away from him. When the men continued to approach the driver, he shot at them. One of the alleged would-be robbers was found a short distance away, on Rutledge Drive, with wounds to his face, chest and thigh.


“He immediately pulled out his gun, fired five to six rounds, definitely hit one that we know of,” said Madison Township police Det. James Galvin.

The man who was struck by bullets, identified as 20-year-old Cortez Bradley, was transported to Grant Medical Center. Investigators said that the second suspected robber, Bradley’s 16-year-old cousin, fled the scene and sent a text messages to family members, indicating that he was shot twice.

Though it worked out okay this time, you’d be correct if you assumed that this is not the owner’s policy.

Padova’s Pizza owner Robert Steven said that he has been robbed a number of times and said that he gives all his employees the same advice.

“My drivers are told to give them what they want and get out of there,” Steven said.

Good advice. Fortunately for the delivery man, he didn’t pay a price for ignoring it. Click here for the source.