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You Assaulted A Police Horse?


Who doesn’t like horses? You can start with this Nebraska lady, at least when it comes to police horses. As reported by omaha.com:

Three police officers and a horse were needed to take a 20-year-old Omaha woman into custody early Sunday in the Old Market after she intervened in a traffic stop.

Officer Jacob Bettin, a police spokesman, said the three officers all sustained minor injuries including scratches, cuts and bite marks during the incident. The woman was booked into jail for resisting arrest, three counts of assaulting an officer and one count of assaulting a police service animal.

Bettin said the incident began about 1:20 a.m. when the woman approached an officer who had made a traffic stop near 10th and Harney Streets. The woman, who was not part of the traffic stop, approached the officer and became “verbally and physically combative,” he said.

Two other officers, including one on patrol service horse Gunny, arrived to help place the woman under arrest.

Yikes. Here’s the source.