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Customer To Tanning Salon: Did You Find My Meth?


So maybe this tanning salon customer didn’t use those exact words, but just about. As reported by The Daily News (Washington State):

In a recently released report, police said Mary Marilyn Greene of Longview called Island Sun Tanning on July 8, asking if employees there had found “something bad.” Greene, who identified herself by name, had been a customer at the tanning salon earlier in the day, the report said.

Employees later found a bag containing a white, crystal-like substance on the floor of the salon’s lobby. At the request of police, an employee called Greene, who said she was on her way over to pick up the drugs.

Guess who was there to greet her?

An officer waited in a tanning booth until Green collected meth, according to the report. The officer took Greene into custody as she left the tanning salon.

Police said Greene provided a written confession admitting that the drugs were hers.