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Part Two: Library Book Returned, Or Jail?


Remember that post about the woman who refused to return the “obscene” library book she checked out? (Hint: It was yesterday’s post.) So do you think she returned the book, or was sent to jail? Wrong. Neither. The city (Lewiston, Maine) decided not to pursue the matter any further. Why? As reported in The Sun Journal:

[City Administrator Jim] Bennett .. said that proceeding with that kind of legal action [having Ms. Karkos put in jail] would have accomplished nothing. Putting the matter to rest, he said, is in the best interest of the city. It saves money that would need to be spent to pursue the case in court, he said, and will keep Lewiston from becoming the epicenter of the debate over decency in publications.

Ms. Karkos was pleased, no? No.

Karkos said she would have been happy to see it go further. By dismissing the matter, she said, the city is trying to make the issue go away.

“They didn’t do me any favors,” Karkos said Friday night. “They knew what they were doing. They were protecting themselves.”

Will she pay the $100 fine imposed by the Court? You can read more here.

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