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Water Official Lies About Water Safety, And This Is The Punishment?


Please, save your apologies, especially the ones that were part of the judge’s sentence! As reported by The Sun Chronicle (Attleboro & North Attleboro, Massachusetts):

A Plainville resident, a former municipal water superintendent, must write an apology to the town where he was once employed and pay to have apologies printed in a major regional newspaper and a trade magazine as part of the sentence for falsifying municipal water safety records.

John Tetreault, a Plainville resident and the former water superintendent for the town of Avon was sentenced by a federal judge Thursday to apologize to the town’s residents by having to write an apology for falsifying water safety records, and placing that apology in the Boston Globe and in a local and regional trade publications, the Boston Globe reported Saturday.

Is this a joke? The Juice is all for creative sentencing, but how does this help anyone? What a total waste of money. Well, at least he’ll be doing some jail time. Wait, no jail time?

He must also pay a $15,000 fine and was placed on probation for a year.

No, not probation! Oh the humanity! As for what specifically Mr. Tetreault did:

According to the published report, Tetreault, 55, pleaded guilty to two counts of knowingly submitting federally required reports with false information about disinfectant levels at the town’s two water treatment facilities, saying they met safety standards when they didn’t.

Hmm. Sounds like a pretty serious infraction. In fairness to the judge, perhaps it was a factor that …

Officials said public health was not threatened because Avon’s water was clean and safe without the disinfectant. It was reported that the records were tampered with on four occasions in 2010, according to investigators who worked on the case.

Why cut the guy a break because he apparently lucked out on the water not being dangerous in spite of his fraud. Surely the disinfectants serve some purpose? Not cool judge. Not cool at all. Dude should have seen the inside of a cell, at least for a few months. Here’s the source.