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Okay, So Maybe Working In A Nursing Home Isn’t The Best Job, But …


Warning: Brushing your teeth will not be the same for a little while after you read this. As reported in the Evening Telegraph, nursing home worker Nina Strange

…dip[ped] a toothbrush into bath water, in which a patient had just defecated, before using it to brush the 75-year-old woman’s teeth.

That’s just the grossest of the transgressions of which Ms. Strange was convicted. Here are the others:

– hitting an 88-year-old wheelchair-bound woman across the back of the head;

– twice hitting an 81-year-old man around the head; and

– pulling an 81-year-old woman’s hair as she put her to bed.

Ms. Strange has been suspended, and is awaiting sentencing. Here’s the source.

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