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Not Your Average Petty Crime


When you think of petty crime, what do you think of? The Juice thinks of stealing something of little value. Here’s a petty crime you probably wouldn’t have thought of, out of New York, as reported by northcountrynow.com:

Jon L. Larue, 21, 5701 County Rt. 10, was charged with petit larceny by St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s deputies after they received a complaint from Perry’s Bottle Redemption Center in Oswegatchie.

They told deputies that they had given Larue cash for the seven rolls he brought in, but what he said were dimes were actually pennies.

Query: How do pennies fit in a dime roll? Answer: Not easily.

After charging him with the misdemeanor count, deputies released Larue on an appearance ticket calling for him to be in Oswegatchie Town Court on June 13.

You’ll find the source here.

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