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Not The Usual Context For “You Want A Piece Of This?”


And what exactly was this man referring to when he asked his neighbor if she “wanted a piece of this?” His penis! Brilliant! And of course his name is “Mr. Smart” – really. Here’s the skinny, per The Cairns Post:

A man taking a pee in his front yard waved his penis at the woman living next door then sprayed her car with urine during a neighbourhood row at White Rock, Cairns.

Father of four Stephen Charles Smart, 42, who pleaded guilty to wilful exposure in Cairns Magistrates’ Court recently, also asked the neighbour if she “wanted a piece of this”.

Yes, of course there’s a defense. Here it is:

Smart’s lawyer Tom Eckersley said … there had been an ongoing feud between the neighbours for some time during which [Mr. Smart’] roof had been rocked and stones thrown at his dog.

and …

Smart … had been having a barbecue in his front yard in Malibu Close and had gone to urinate against his own front fence when he called out to the neighbour, thinking he was semi-shielded.

Continued the lawyer:

But Mr Eckersley said the woman had walked further down her driveway than he thought and was able to see him clearly.

The time?

Magistrate Suzette Coates .. released Smart on a six-month good behaviour bond and did not record a conviction …

Seems just to the Juice.

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