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Not The Best Question To Ask A Police Officer


I doubt a beat cop ever goes an entire shift without being flagged down by a citizen in need. How often, though, do you think a cop is flagged down by a citizen who wants to know if there are any warrants for her arrest? At least once. It happened in Ohio, as reported in The Cincinnati Enquirer.

… in Lockland when 44-year-old Selma Elmore stopped Officer Dan Lyons on South Wayne Avenue about 2:30 a.m. Friday, police said.

Elmore asked the officer: Is there a curfew for adults in Lockland?

No curfew, Lyons responded.

Second question: Is there a warrant for my arrest?

Yes, in fact there is a warrant, the officer told her after a quick check.

Here’s another question: WHY WOULD YOU ASK THAT?

Lyons had discovered Elmore was wanted for allegedly failing to pay a fine as a result of a drug-related conviction, said Sgt. Patrick Sublet.

Ms. Elmore didn’t take the news very well. Not only did she bolt, but when Sgt. Sublet caught her, she shoved him into a building. Brilliant! And now …

She faces a new charge of resisting arrest.

Doh! Here’s the source, including a photo of Ms. Elmore.