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Not- So-True Confessions

The Japanese authorities REALLY screwed this one up. Suspecting vote-buying in the small Japanese town of Shibushi, they launched a major investigation. The results: 13 arrests of men and women in their 50s, 60s and 70s. Six of them confessed to buying votes with liquor, cash and parties. Now there was just one problem – a judge concluded that their confessions WERE FABRICATED , and that the defendants “made confessions in despair while going through marathon questioning.” He acquitted all of them on all of the charges. But this came to late for one man, who died during the trial. Another man tried to kill himself by jumping into a river (after being rescued, he confessed!) It’s incredible what these people went through before the house of cards collapsed. One man spent 395 days in jail. His wife was jailed for 273 days. The village postmaster was held in a windowless cell for 186 days. Her daughter had to quit her job to tend to the post office!
So what happened to the police in Shibushi who were responsible for this injustice? Zippy. Squawdoosh. Nada.

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