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Naked Guy So Threatening You Have To Tase Him?


What’s next? Tasing every pulled-over motorist before requesting a license and registration? For god’s sake man, you don’t have to tase someone just because you can! Here’s a ridiculous story out of Cincinnati, as reported by WKRC:

A St. Paris, Ohio man, not even registered in the Flying Pig Marathon, caused quite a commotion at the race Sunday morning.

Not registered? Tase him!

Police say 35-year old Brett Henderson was running down the course completely naked.

Naked? Tase him!

Officers told him several times to stop and get in a police cruiser, but Henderson did not listen.

Not listening? Tase him!

Police took him into custody in front of the Greyhound Bus Station on Gilbert Avenue, after using a taser on him.

The Juice doesn’t know where the offficer aimed the taser, but if he had to guess …