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Mayors Gone Mad?


Power corrupts, and absolute power … So maybe Italian mayors don’t have “absolute” power, but they recently obtained additional authority to enact new laws. Here are a few of them, as reported by Reuters:

In Eraclea, near Venice, building sandcastles is now illegal

In Capri, it is illegal to leave the beach area wearing a bikini.

In Forte dei Marmi, you may not cut your grass on the weekend.

In Eboli, you can be fined 500 euros (about $745 US) for public displays of affection in a car.

And in Novara, while 2 people can hang out in the park at night, 3 people hanging out is illegal.

How about this one?

Rodrigo Piccoli, 33, called national radio to protest after he was fined 50 euros for lying down in a park in the northern city of Vicenza to read a book. The mayor has since promised to drop the ban.

Buono idea , Signore Sindaco. (Good idea, Mr. Mayor.)

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