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Lawyer Partakes Of Not So Legal Juice, In The Courthouse


I’m not sure how The Juice missed this one (perhaps he was busy with his daytime gig), because it’s not often that an attorney gets busted for doing cocaine, in the courthouse, in the midst of a trial. As reported by the The Wininona Post (Minnesota):

The assault trial for accused murderer Jack Nissalke came to an abrupt and unexpected end Thursday when his Twin Cities-based attorney was arrested for alleged possession of 5 grams of cocaine.

Police believe that the attorney, Charles Alan Ramsay, 41, of New Brighton, Minn., was using the cocaine inside a conference room at the courthouse during breaks in the jury trial. Investigator Jay Rasmussen noticed Ramsay behaving strangely outside the courthouse bathrooms, said Police Chief Frank Pomeroy. He said that Ramsay was touching his face as if he’d just ingested something through his nose.

Then, evidence technician Angela Evans went into a conference room that Ramsay had been using and noticed trace amounts of a white powder on the table. That powder field-tested positive for a controlled substance, which police used as probable cause to arrest and search Ramsay’s belongings.

You can read more (a lot) here. And if you want to read about what happened to Mr. Nissalke (guilty), click here.