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It Appears This Fella Just Wanted To Be Left Alone …


Some people just want to be left alone, regardless of one’s intentions to assist them. An Oklahoma man learned this the hard way. As reported by kxii.com:

It was a surreal scene yesterday at a Durant elementary school when a reckless driver confronted by a Good Samaritan hits him with his car, flashes an obscene gesture for all to see, and then takes off with the man still on the hood of his car.

Um, you can just drop me off here.

Durant Police say the victim went to confront 23-year old Johnathan Olive after he’d wildly circled Robert E. Lee Elementary School in his Camaro around 2:30 p.m.

When he tapped on the glass and asked Olive to roll down the window, he refused. The man then walked in front of the car [not the best of match-ups], and Olive hit the gas, throwing the victim onto the hood and traveling about four blocks with the man still atop the car. When the man pleaded with Olive to stop, police say he made an obscene gesture and laughed.

Just a tad sadistic?

He then entered a church parking lot and made several circles trying to throw the man off the car, before he was unable to hang on any longer. Thankfully the man escaped with only minor cuts and scratches. Olive fled the scene but was located a short time later by police.

The charges?

He was booked into the Bryan County Jail for Assault and Battery with a dangerous weapon, DUI, driving while suspended, and possession of marijuana.

Doubtful that Mr. Olive is still laughing…

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