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Lawyer Hires Biker Gang To Collect Fees From Clients

Winnipeg attorney Ingrid Chen was caught on tape telling the head of a biker gang that she wanted her clients attacked or even “dead.” He also told Ms. Chen that “the first visit is a nice visit. After that, if I have to break legs, I break legs.” Ms. Chen’s lawyer said that she just made a “few stupid mistakes.”

Queen’s Bench Justice Greenberg disagreed, stating that Ms. Chen “took professional misconduct to a whole new level.” Said the Justice, “Not surprisingly, there is no case law on how to deal with a lawyer who hires a thug to collect money from her clients.”

Ms. Chen was convicted of extortion, sentenced to 18 months in jail, and taken away in handcuffs. Quite a disappointment for her, as she was seeking to avoid jail altogether.

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