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Hands Off The Cat – Or I’ll Shoot!

Although there are usually two sides to every story, in this case, both are a little whacky. There is no dispute that Mr. Fulmer shot Mr. Penny, who suffered a fractured femur, and a broken nose and cheek. Penny had scratches on his neck, torso, face and hands.

The shooting took place in Fulmer’s house. Here is Penny’s version:

Appearing jealous over the affection the cat was showing Penny, Fulmer attacked him and then shot him.

Here’s Fulmer’s version:

Because Penny was mistreating Napolean (the cat!) and acting strangely, Fulmer asked Penny to leave. Penny then tackled him, and while they fought for the gun, it went off, hitting Penny in the leg. He was just defending himself and his pregnant wife against the “drunken and aggressive” Penny. [Penny was legally intoxicated.]

The trial in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court took 4 days. So what do you think the jury decided?

I don’t know! They’re still deliberating. Stay tuned for the results.

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