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Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Pilot Has …

Pilot.jpg Spirit Airlines pilot Wayne Giles, age 46, was not exactly an ideal neighbor. Here’s a sampling of what he did to his neighbors over a six-year period:

throwing shit [really], old fruit, and eggs at an elderly couple’s home;

sending anonymous letters, for more than 5 years, graphically detailing sex acts.

So what is his defense? It was a prank, and they knew who was sending the letters! Not funny, say his elderly neighbors, the sex offender down the street (who for some reason only warranted one letter), and a 26-year-old female neighbor. And they had no idea who was sending the letters all those years.

So what’s the possible penalty? A felony conviction (which would result in the loss of his pilot’s license) and 0-17 months in jail. (He could face 5 years if the Judge finds cause to exceed the sentencing guidelines.) Said prosecutor Lisa Gorcyca:

There were multiple credible threats to both families. He scared them for years, but the maximum is only five years. It doesn’t seem fair, that for 6 years he terrorized his neighbors, but the maximum penalty by law is five years.

Oh, and Giles, who has no criminal record, is out on bond, with a condition: he can’t return to his house, except to pick up his stuff!

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