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Kid, It’s Your Lucky Day.


Whether you believe you make your own luck or not, you can’t argue that this kid did anything to make his luck. It just found him. As reported in Straubinger Tagblatt, via UPI:

A German man didn’t feel like giving his ex-wife her alimony money, so he gave it to a schoolboy standing outside a bank, police said.

The man, 49, of the Bavarian town of Straubing, gave away about $245 because he has arguments with his ex-wife over alimony, The Local of Berlin reported.

The boy said he was standing outside the bank with a friend when the man walked up to him, handed him the bundle of money, said, “You can keep that money,” and wandered off.

You already know he went to the police with it. No way he would get to keep it, right? Wrong!

The boy said he then went to the police because he assumed the money was counterfeit. Police said Saturday there was no evidence of any crime, “so the pupil is $245 better off for now.”


The man said he would prefer to give the money to strangers than let his ex-wife have it, the Straubinger Tagblatt reported.

A little bitter?

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